La chica del lago

Two stars for that. It was just the story's execution, I guess. What kind of a ending was that? What's gonna happen? You can't just expect me to be satisfied with this! A copy of this novel was provided by Text Publishing in exchange for an honest review. Upon writing this review, three things have become abundantly clear: Steph Bowe is incredible. I seriously cannot believe that Girl Saves Boy was published when she was only sixteen. As I read the novel, I was blown away by how wise and astute the characters in this novel were — almost to an unbelievably poignant level.

But then to learn A copy of this novel was provided by Text Publishing in exchange for an honest review. But then to learn that the author was younger than the characters were when she wrote these beautiful things just blows my mind completely. I cannot thank Steph a different Steph from Text Publishing for giving me this book to review, even though it is several years old.

You have given me a true gift. Girl Saves Boy is one of those non-novel novels. Those ones that are more than just a story, more than words on a page, more than fiction. Let me tell you a story. A young woman is contemplating what book to read next. She dreads this decision, as her entire being is surrounded be a plethora of books. Books she wants to read, books she feels she should read, books, books, books.

One day, she notices a book sitting by itself on her coffee table. Surprising, since she is someone who likes to pile all her books together and stare at their spines. She decided that this lone book was giving her a sign. It wanted to be read by her and it wanted to be read by her now. So, this girl picked up this book, sat down on the couch. This novel just so happened to be Girl Saves Boy. And this girl just so happened to be me. I devoured Girl Saves Boy , there is absolutely no other way to say it.

From word one, page one, I was hooked. I simply had to know what happened, and in the most efficient way possible. Which just so happened to be sitting on my couch in the same position for many hours with two cats on my legs, and a cramped knee at the end of it all. After finishing this novel, I am left wondering why it is not up there with the great contemporary books of the time.

And the characters are profound and wise because the author is so, and she was a teenager when she wrote these things and it makes this book so much more special, but also kind of makes me want to cry because how can she be so wise and profound when she is so young? It makes me wonder how she became that way. Move over, Augustus Waters - Sacha Thomas is in the house.

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No one is like Augustus Waters, and there is never a chance of meeting anyone like him because they simply do not exist. And then I read about Sacha, and Augustus Waters kind of fell off the ladder entirely with his metaphorical cigarette hanging from his mouth. Sacha is beautiful, and real, and kind, and romantic, and so so sad.

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And sick. I could go on and on about this book, and how I am begging you to read it, and how I am about to burst into tears just writing this review for you guys. I want you to read this novel, I want you to feel everything that it makes you feel. Your heart breaks, but then is patched together by the same people that broke it. You fall in love. You laugh. You cry.

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All rights reserved. Your Turn: Do you feel like some books simply want you to read them? Are there books that you think should be more acclaimed than they are now? I wanted to read this book for the purpose of it being written by an Australian sixteen-year-old girl. First off, the characters Jewel and Sacha both have their problems to deal with, like all families do in our own reality and I understood how they reacted to certain situations in their everyday lives. No one — that is in my world, would fall in love that easily and so suddenly, let alone in a week or so.

Love takes time and with dates I admit, I loved the beginning of the novel but when I finally hit the halfway mark, things tended to be rushed until the very last page. It was rushed. What can I say I love bigger books that can slow things down and take time on important issues that the character is dealing with such as death — as mentioned continuously in the novel. As for Jewel, I found her relatable at first with the whole loner ordeal, but then she was just Jewel was okay too, but I hated the way she talked about death repeatedly, and I felt like I was reading paragraphs twice, when really, the author was using different words.

So, no matter what I thought, but I look forward to see what she brings up next onto the table.

La chica del lago

Can't wait to read this! I'll ship 10 copies over and hand them out! Recuerdo que hace ya bastante tiempo leí que ésta novela era una bonita historia de amor, y eso precisamente no ha sido mi visión general de la obra.

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Pero no es sino una historia de Outsiders, dos auto marginados por propia voluntad de un mundo el cual se les antoja desolador, que les conduce al constante desasosiego y vacío existencial. Jewel, es una chica solitaria, desengañada con el mundo y huye del contacto humano. Con una vida en la cual su futuro carece de significado, se deja llevar pero no desea experimentar la existencia en todas sus facetas.

Ella no quiere existir. Él no quiere vivir. La obra rebosa desencanto y relatividad en el tiempo, es etérea y poética en un sentido decadente. Los personajes se me antojan demasiado oscuros y tristes, se regodean en sus particulares miserias en exceso. Hay poca ilusión o chispa en ellos, que si bien se entiende en parte por su situación personal, no dejan de ser adolescentes y son seres tremendamente sombríos para su edad. Jul 31, C. I confess, this isn't my typical style of book. A bit of a step outside the comfort zone. But there were compelling reasons for me to read this book.

As in So, I had to read her book. I liked it. Sure it was a romance no swords, battles, longbows or strange lands -- those are my style , but it was written exceptionally well. The prose flowed, the story wound together until every last piece clicked in place, and the characters were ama I confess, this isn't my typical style of book. The prose flowed, the story wound together until every last piece clicked in place, and the characters were amazingly real. I mean, real. The four main teens -- Sascha, Jewel, True and Little Al -- were people you could expect to meet, could shake hands with, could walk out of their school and free a desperate lobster with.

The story line held you, the characters held you, the beautiful style of writing nailed you down. All in all, there was no way you could finish this book and do anything but sigh and say "That was good".

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And the dialogue Funny, bright, fast-moving, flowing, and realistic. Everyone had their own unique voice, as well as styles, personalities, and quirks. And everyone had troubles. Sascha and Jewel our two main voices were up to their necks in problems, serious problems. And that's what the reader wants to read, right?

People who aren't locked in a fantasy world of perfection and wonderful events. Things are down to earth and gritty in Girl Saves Boy. That makes it a compelling read, and a satisfying one. So maybe not my genre or cup-of-tea, but I still enjoyed this book. Actually, I loved it. The author has a special writing style and a beautiful way of writing.

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Her first book is amazing. Well done, Steph Bowe. All I can say is, my bad! The ending was slightly abrupt, but hey, life is like that, change with little warning, so it still felt believable. I enjoyed both their voices equally, which is so unheard of, someone should alert the authorities.

The prose is dreamy and sharp and gorgeous. Not that talent is limited by age, but because she wrote something so lovely and honest, and it makes me excited to check out her books since she debuted. This was an unexpected gem and I wish I'd known to pick this up sooner, so here's my suggestion to you, from one reader to another: Like, NOW.

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You're welcome Apr 03, T. I haven't read this book yet and I'm kind of hesitant to because I take some things way too literal, and the love stories I read, NEED to have a good ending, otherwise it just destroys me. Yeah, yeah some may think that I'm being too dramatic but, well, it's true. I mean, there's already so many countless sad things in our world, why write a book to escape into if it's just gonna end at a depressing point when we can have that in reality?

I'm not saying depression should be avoided, I'm just sa I haven't read this book yet and I'm kind of hesitant to because I take some things way too literal, and the love stories I read, NEED to have a good ending, otherwise it just destroys me. I'm not saying depression should be avoided, I'm just saying I don't like the hot guys, or the hoy guys' girlfriends, dying, leaving their men or women broken and in despair.

So let me guess; A boy tries to kill himself because he has some incurable disease. A girl enters the picture, motivates the guy. And he dies 3 If someone could contradict me, please feel free to do so, because I'd hate this ending, AKA the reluctance to begin this book.

But the fact that this author is young is so inspirational and motivating! Y para colmo, después de seguir leyendo el libro por si a caso había algo que me hiciese cambiar de opinión, me encuentro un final que para mi gusto ha sido -como quien dice- un huevo sin sal. Así que no, no me ha convencido.

Este libro me pareció hermoso y profundo, la clase de libros que me encantan. Es algo extraño, porque hubo momentos en los que odie cada palabra que leía, pero no por mala redacción o cosas así, sino que sentía todos demasiado real, como si fuera yo. Resumen y sinópsis de La chica del lago de Steph Bowe Sasha tiene 17 años y, afectado por una leucemia en fase terminal, acaba de intentar suicidarse en un lago junto a su casa.

Pero una desconocida de ojos inquietantes ha llegado justo a tiempo para impedírselo: Para empezar, su hermano murió en el mismo lago en el que Sasha ha querido quitarse la vida. A raíz de este accidente, el padre de Jewel se fue de casa y ella tuvo que irse a vivir al campo con sus abuelos. Al morir estos, Jewel tuvo que regresar a casa de su madre, pero la relación entre las dos es muy complicada, porque ahora son casi dos desconocidas.

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